Life Coaching

You can talk openly with me about problems, secrets, needs and feelings, because this is exactly where the work of life coaching begins. It is my task to bring you a little further in life. 


Together with you, I try to get more out of you, to motivate and encourage you so that you can recognise and use your potential. I help you to (re)define personal and professional goals and I help you to finally focus on the really important things in life again after phases of crisis. 

Life Coaching Problems Desires Needs Goals Help Support Motivation Sociologist Sociology South West London Kingston upon Thames Councelling Valentina Siemens

Couple Counselling

As a sociologist and coach, I help you in a goal-oriented way with stressful challenges or unsatisfactory conditions in your relationship. You can talk openly with me about your problems and wishes. I will support you in recognising and fulfilling your mutual needs. 

Couple Counselling Counselor Relationship Goals Needs Problems Desires Wishes Help Support Sociologist Sociology Professional Academic Certified Valentina Siemens

Business Coaching

As a business coach, I help you define and achieve professional goals and work through professional problems. I also support you in developing your soft skills such as communication, leadership, presentation, stress management and conflict management. If you are facing specific major projects or decisions, I will be there to advise you. 

Business Coaching Coach Counselling Counselor Professional Consulting Consultant South West London Sociologist Sociology Goals Needs Problems Conflict Skills Support Help Work Achievements Communication Stress Leadership Feedback Valentina Siemens

90£ / h

plus VAT